World that runs on money

“So….what do you want to do after college?”

“Make lots of money. That’s my only ambition. Make money.”

“But money does not get happiness.”

“No! Money can buy happiness. You can get anything with money!”

Having this conversation with an acquaintance a week ago made me reflect on this topic more than I’d expected. There had been more than one incident which had made me think about how the “mind on money- money on mind” principle spread its tentacles deeps into the minds of youngsters today.

Another incident that comes to me was during a stress interview when a 16 year old was asked what she would do to get a job if she’d shouted at her future-boss a few minutes ago, for splashing dirt water on her while she was coming for the interview.

“I’ll say sorry,” she said at first. On pressing for a better answer, she ended on a confident note, “Well, if he still isn’t listening I’ll call up my dad and ask him to buy me the job”. An astounded judge exclaimed at why she believed that money could get her anything she wanted. “Everyone wants money. Money can get us anything.”

The world, spinning on somebody’s forefinger just like a basketball, is given as much importance as the ball. If one loses its charm, another is bought.

Yes, we do live in a world where price hikes are as common as crows and stagnant salaries give nervous fits for households. This makes all those quotes I had to make unsurprising, even insignificant. That this generation has found solace in aiming big, aiming big for bank notes that might save our lives, get us a home or a family. My mind wanders to the millionaire who got a gold shirt made in order to find a wife. Sadly, our loyalty now lies not with ourselves, but what rules us. Nobody but the ironic twist of fate is to blame.

So many objects catching our fancy, price tags staring at us in exchange for happiness…where we live, where we come from, the world runs on money, and with it people. A leash to our necks,  frayed threads of hope clinging to humility and strong bonds in ‘reality’, may our beliefs help us all.

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