The Lighter Side of the Fantasy Maker: Interview with writer Robert Taylor

Reading Robert Taylor’s stories are like watching a thriller movie. Surprises comes out when you least expect them, and then they push you into the deep, deep voids of fantasy. Yes, he is a maker of fantasy….light and dark and very deep, his latest book; The Light and Dark Sides of Fantasy takes you through the intricate tunnels of profound imagination. Needless to say, his writing skills are as extensive as his brilliant mind. Here’s an interview with him.

What was your childhood like? When did you start writing?

I was born in Akron, Ohio in the US in 1956. My family was working class and education was huge for my parents who had never graduated high school. I started reading on a train to California when I was 3 and started writing short stories for my friends when I was 6. I have always loved writing and reading and did it whenever I could

When was the first time your stories were published? How did you feel about it?

My first stories were published in 1991 through an online magazine called useless knowledge and I was very, very proud of that. It wasn’t much and I didn’t get paid for it but it was published. I was also working as a journalist for several newspapers

What are your inspirations for writing?

My inspirations are Stephen King, Anne Rice and the old horror movies from the 1930’s and 40’s.

How many books have you written so far?

I have published 5 books so far. Eleana: The Immortal Princess, Hetera Kal: The Amulet, Trapped Souls of the Strand, Serenity and Dark & Light Sides of Fantasy.

Why have you chosen Fantasy as your main focus?

The reason is that it is so much fun! I can create new worlds and characters that don’t have to be “normal” according to our standards. It allows me to do things that I can never really do.

When do you write?

Late late at night! I usually start at around 3 am, I like it because the darkness inspires me.

Can you tell me about an incident that you can’t forget, that inspired you to write?

I was like 12 years old. I went walking in the woods where there were no trails. Needless to say I got lost and it was three days before I managed to find my way out

That gave me the idea for the story Wolf Bane’s Curse.

Do you have an inspiration behind each story?


Some are based on folktales while others are just from my imagination but honestly it could be anything…something I see or hear, something someone mentions in pass by or anything


I learned something in college. a professor told me that when you grow up you lose your imagination….i refuse to grow up There is one reason I may like the dark side of life….I was dead for more that 45 minutes when I was born. I think that affected me all the way up until now.


What are you working on now?

I am currently writing 6 new stories and a quilt that will measure 9 ft by 9 foot. I love writing my books and I try my best to make the stories interesting with strangeness but always a twist somewhere in each one.


What else do you like doing, other than writing?

Travel…I love just hopping in the car with nowhere to go and see what I find when I get there. I also watch a lot of movies. My favourites are Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fled, The Fugitive and Cujo.

Tells us about your family.

I have 5 kids, three girls and two boys, 5 grandkids, my parents are both gone and I have a strong German heritage.

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  1. ur a clever student i think very good congragulate in ur ability

  2. if you want to see a prodigy with extravagant wisdom and knowledge that would humble any haughty people with her own humble ways to express what her heart thinks.frank is she.bold is she.truthful is she.honest is she.she is a student.she is an author of four novels-not yet published anyone so far-she writes prolifically about important matters that should catch attention of the people or to say more truly of a nation as whole.see the words she spoke to robert taylor:”tell us about your family.”
    you may not find out anything in these words.she changes herself to the spokesperson of a nation she was born in.she asks ‘tell us’…on the other hand not ‘tell me.’that is how we can measure her magnanimity.
    then she is a poet.she started writing poetry while she was in 3rd or 4th standard.and she has published her first book-“the crescent smile.”she is a painter.she is a tutor.she takes classes for teachers.she writes lyrics for films.she sings in public functions.she is also good traveller.what else she left as not her is cannot be told.i think this is her second interview with writers.and this is her first one with a writer from abroad.the first one,i guess,was with our celebrated writer m t vasudevan nair.what i wish her is that she would be a world famous celebrity in almost all fields of knowledge she touched to reach the zenith of’s not for becoming a celebrity that she writes.but the fame comes to her on its own.
    this interview helped us understand about a writer from abroad.congratulations dear aiswarya.

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