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World that runs on money

“So….what do you want to do after college?”

“Make lots of money. That’s my only ambition. Make money.”

“But money does not get happiness.”

“No! Money can buy happiness. You can get anything with money!”

Having this conversation with an acquaintance a week ago made me reflect on this topic more than I’d expected. There had been more than one incident which had made me think about how the “mind on money- money on mind” principle spread its tentacles deeps into the minds of youngsters today.

Andante- Con Grazia


Door to door I go

Heart to heart I knock

Until I can hear

Where no one interferes

A faint little whisper

Somewhere without fear

Stopping to shop: unparalleled experience in street shopping

Hailing a-coloured auto-rickshaw, my mother and I stepped into the initial phase of shopping: getting there. The cow standing across the main road, its legs once a dirty white now laden thick dirt and dung planted itself in front of our ‘cab’. This was where we would alight, where the traffic included animals that waited to be chaperoned to their homes, their human counterparts would haul their plastic bags and scuttle towards market places tucked away in alleyways, like the Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter books.

Political vacuums, and the vacuum between

The other day I was going through some notes on the decline of the Mughal dynasty when I realized that some of the reasons were repeating themselves. For one, with such rivalry and enmity between political parties, one wonders whether they live for themselves or for the state they are meant to serve. Fifty years ago, political rivalry was about how much more each could do for their nation, today it is about how many people they can recruit, how many seats they win and how much they earn.

Our country now has a political vacuum, which how much ever is poured in, never gets filled. This, I believe, is partly because parties are vacuums apart in this unfathomable vacuum, growing measureless and meaningless by the day.

Flooding hopes and lights everywhere

Up there in the north, there are thousands of our brothers and sisters stranded in hills and other potentially safe haven across a very fragile portion in the north: Uttarakhand. Over 22,000 people are still somewhere waiting to be rescued from the horrible flood that is one of the worst we’ve seen so far. The narrow window of a few hours simultaneously sent a wave of both panic and relief, and resulted in a number of rescue services pumping up work before the next set of rains set in.

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