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OUR KIDS July 2015


The Science of Mischief

There would be few children who haven’t read George Marvellous Medicine. And there would be fewer still who haven’t heard about its author, Roald Dahl. His books have showed both young and old alike the magnificence of imagination.

George’s Marvellous Medicine was a book I read so many years ago. But a few days ago, I came across a child of my mom’s friend, who was frowning over this book. I sat next to him, a kid no more than seven or eight years of age, who clutched the dog-earned book with a casualty that edged on boredom. “What’s that, Kevin?” I asked.

“It’s this book mom chose for me,” he said, “It’s so dumb!” I was quite surprised. When I was his age, my friends and I would be waiting at the doors of the library to grab the book when it was returned by someone else.

The Road by the Bridge

The road by the bridge is narrow. The road by the bridge is non-existent. And the only men who walk this road are the men in the boats. Their oars silently delve into the waters, the water like the hem of a dress. The light dims and the streetlamps open their eyes, their sudden glow filling the night with the warm mood of a sad night.

And this is where; standing on the bridge, the man decides to take the road. The unknown road, the deep road and measure it with his bare feet and body.

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