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Festivities that reflect culture

I would surely be bored to death had there been no festivals or events that reflected culture and the existence of humanity of earth. As the temple bell chimes in the distance, the flag denoting the start of the festival go sky-high, every man around waits to be drenched in the beautiful afterglow of it. Yes, there is soul and substance in it all. Whether they are mosques, or temples or churches, there are prayers on our lips and elation in our hearts. Everyone lives in harmony. There is no other place than our own mother country where each festival devotes its existence to God.

Festivals in India play an important role in forgetting the pain and sorrow that life sometimes presents to us. It makes us rejoice and find solace from a year full of recklessness and efforts of survival.

Elegy for a man delayed justice

It only seems yesterday that this young man was portrayed as one of the most promising designers in the world. Having designed clothes even for Paris Hilton, Anand John was the symbol of a passionate, talented young man who could have reached heights. But when he did, he was taken to the summits of crime and accusations. And then he was pushed into the terrible void of court and law and made the past few years of his life a terrible and seemingly unending torture.

Yes, he is lonely inside his cell in some prison in the USA. But he is not alone. Outside, he has supporters, people fighting day in and day out to get him out, to show the world that innocence requires more justice than anything else.

The events have been dramatic. Anand was accused of the rape of several women, and the law gave him a sentence of 58 years, enough to make sure that his career did not have any kind of way to come back up.

The island amidst the land

Among every batch of tall trees, there grows the malnourished shrub, its twigs yearning for the light that never reaches its deprived leaves. Like the island amidst the land, there exist solitary individuals who wish to be back among the normal course of life.

Many people in this world are lonely. And most of them do not know what to do about it. We might not even notice it, but there is that one person pushing through a day, trying to leave it behind but only to get trapped in another one soon.

Co-travellers and cockroaches

We talk about the ever-talkative man or woman who sits beside you and practically deafen you with the nasal, annoying voice sending three hundred words per minute in your direction. As you mumble you ‘yes’s and ‘no’s, you wish either one of your stops would come. This is co-passenger trouble, an age old problem that you can just hope to get out of.

Apart from this nuisance, another problem that passengers face, especially in trains is the number of creatures that travels along. Especially the Indian Railway coaches, it is unsurprising to find a cockroach or a rat playing hide and seek between your feet. The situation is worse in air conditioned coaches where there is no ventilation even to shoo these things out. Ones you are in with these, you travel with these and get off with these. There’s been little change in things so far.

Scorching throats and wasted sands

The shirt is soaked through at 8 in the morning. The sky is white, so white it is hard to look up for more than a few seconds. The earth down is a burnt red, barren from hours of heat that had it down in a stroke. The world is baking, the waters boiling and slowly vanishing into the dry air that pours into our systems. Kerala is not an exception.

When the trees turned yellow early, when the cold wasn’t enough to make you sleep in, when the wind flowed more, the sun glowed more and the streams around grew less flushed and healthy, you didn’t notice. However, when the water doesn’t quite quench your thirst, you’d know. We’re heading into an era of scorching throats and lifeless lands. And this is scientifically proven.

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