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Lost and never found

We do not know about lands that exists only where they do. They are tucked away, sometimes deep inside alleyways and run down streets. But some exist without the knowledge of satellite eyes and navigation systems- places where you can get lost and never be found again.

But like the world portrays these hidden places, they are not all of them dangerous or dark, nor do they speak of lack of freedom. Some are worlds inside worlds talking about cultures and lifestyles, dreams and hopes, calm and fulfillment.

Co-travellers and cockroaches

We talk about the ever-talkative man or woman who sits beside you and practically deafen you with the nasal, annoying voice sending three hundred words per minute in your direction. As you mumble you ‘yes’s and ‘no’s, you wish either one of your stops would come. This is co-passenger trouble, an age old problem that you can just hope to get out of.

Apart from this nuisance, another problem that passengers face, especially in trains is the number of creatures that travels along. Especially the Indian Railway coaches, it is unsurprising to find a cockroach or a rat playing hide and seek between your feet. The situation is worse in air conditioned coaches where there is no ventilation even to shoo these things out. Ones you are in with these, you travel with these and get off with these. There’s been little change in things so far.

Going gaga over gold

Perhaps when a miner stumbled upon a shiny yellow metal hundreds of years ago, he would have wondered how it would help shape the world like so many other elements had before. This otherwise useless element, called Aurum by its Latin name, became one of the most commonly seen and widely used. It became the basis of status in some places, it became beauty in others. It got moulded into plates in which were served food in rich palaces and it was festooned over the hands and necks of brides who were ready to tie the knots.

The life of gold starts the moment it reaches the hands of its mentor. Before, protected inside the womb of the earth, it remains unseen until someone finally comes around and exclaims at its unreactive existence. As the jewel-maker melts and creates wonders out of it, it gets importance. Value etched in its looks, gold transported ordinary man into images of wealth, and the wealthy into the era of showing off.

Scorching throats and wasted sands

The shirt is soaked through at 8 in the morning. The sky is white, so white it is hard to look up for more than a few seconds. The earth down is a burnt red, barren from hours of heat that had it down in a stroke. The world is baking, the waters boiling and slowly vanishing into the dry air that pours into our systems. Kerala is not an exception.

When the trees turned yellow early, when the cold wasn’t enough to make you sleep in, when the wind flowed more, the sun glowed more and the streams around grew less flushed and healthy, you didn’t notice. However, when the water doesn’t quite quench your thirst, you’d know. We’re heading into an era of scorching throats and lifeless lands. And this is scientifically proven.

Wanting to become

“I want to be a driver”, said the 6-year old boy as he animatedly ran around being the truck driver. He was in a double role- he was both the driver and the truck. I watched amusedly as he explained to me why he loved the job so much, how he would become one of the world’s greatest drivers, delivering his goods efficiently and promptly. Like my dad, he said, yes, exactly like my dad.

That little sentence that came out of that little mouth set me thinking. All the listeners knew, years across, the little fingers would clutch a more powerful pen and his dreams would be about being a doctor or an engineer, an entrepreneur, a path he or his parents would have envisaged for him.

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