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Wanting to become

“I want to be a driver”, said the 6-year old boy as he animatedly ran around being the truck driver. He was in a double role- he was both the driver and the truck. I watched amusedly as he explained to me why he loved the job so much, how he would become one of the world’s greatest drivers, delivering his goods efficiently and promptly. Like my dad, he said, yes, exactly like my dad.

That little sentence that came out of that little mouth set me thinking. All the listeners knew, years across, the little fingers would clutch a more powerful pen and his dreams would be about being a doctor or an engineer, an entrepreneur, a path he or his parents would have envisaged for him.

Women, men and everything unjust

“India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters.” Are they?

Challenging the Pledge that “unites” us all society is divided. The people in it are divided. And among the people, their materialistic features separate them into higher and lower classes. Among these, there are the lucky and the unlucky ones. The girl in the Delhi rape case was unlucky. She did not know that getting out at 11 o’ clock without a trustworthy chauffeur in her own vehicle was a very bad idea.

Today, I do not wish to talk about how the convicts should be treated, what should be done about this or about the question of safety for women in the country. There is the immediate need to look into why this has happened.

K.V Shamsudheen- changing lives for the better, every day







He speaks like an orator. But he is firstly a businessman, and a successful one who has gone through the years, seen it all, and knows it all too. His words echo the truth in them; their power reflecting on is audience’s faces. The words have more than just passed their eardrums; they have gone straight to one’s concise to think once and to think through. At the end of his talk, everybody would take home a greater lesson. This was Mr. K V Shamsudheen speaking on 279th program. The director of Barjeel Geojit, he was chosen as one of the 100 most influential Indians in GCC countries by Arabian Business.

Later, I was able to interview him on his unique ‘For a better tomorrow’ program which focuses on enlightening migrants and their families of the importance of savings. I’d thought that the research paper on him, done by two students from Georgetown University and the University of Michigan would be more than enough information. In person, I could gain much more valuable things, wisdom pearls included.

Q. It’s been 11 years since you started ‘For a Better Tomorrow’ program. What was the driving force behind this?

Staying belted in your vehicle

Well, the seat belt rule may rule in the American continents, but it doesn´t have such a hard punch when it comes farther to Asia. Not quite so much in India at all.
Even though we have a number of rules which punishes you for not using the seat belt, a large number of the vehicle-owning population decides to ignore the rule completely. Apart from turning a blind eye to traffic rules and signs, this adds to the safety hazards that Indian roads possess.
Drivers who wear seatbelts when cops come, or cameras flash are not strange or uncommon sights in this country. What about policemen who wave them across or ignore them? Not uncommon either. 

The Bike as the Beast

The dirt bikes whizz past at tremendous speeds- faster than the bikes in Road Rash games.  The riders have the country boy appearance, the plaid shirts, shorts and sometimes even the classic mundu. These amateur racers do not hold a license of any sort- they just own the freedom as they fly though the graveled roads on the borrowed bikes. There are no highwaymen to stop or question them as they go on their joy rides. The teenagers are ecstatic as they clutch at the pleasure that is only meant for 18+ guys with driving licenses.

The rides are fun, risky and adventurous. Until the day someone falls off a sharp cliff or go underneath a bus or car. Then and only then does the concern come. Parents swear not to let them drive again and even threaten to ground them for an unbelievable lifetime. But only few parents stick to the initial decision. They have to face it- It’s a new world, let the kids have some fun. You can’t stop them anyway.

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