Staying belted in your vehicle

Well, the seat belt rule may rule in the American continents, but it doesn´t have such a hard punch when it comes farther to Asia. Not quite so much in India at all.
Even though we have a number of rules which punishes you for not using the seat belt, a large number of the vehicle-owning population decides to ignore the rule completely. Apart from turning a blind eye to traffic rules and signs, this adds to the safety hazards that Indian roads possess.
Drivers who wear seatbelts when cops come, or cameras flash are not strange or uncommon sights in this country. What about policemen who wave them across or ignore them? Not uncommon either. 
This is not just about drivers. Passengers sitting at the back of the car doesn´t even bother to check if such a thing as a seat belt exists. When the car breaks suddenly, this leads to a lot of causalities as they can hit their heads and get hurt. Bad roads pose yet more serious threats because of bumpy rides and passengers feel less comfortable. Strapping themselves to the seat can prevent a lot of discomfort and ensure a safe ride. Even in the midst of problems increasing manifold, experience ceases to teach us what to do.
Jay walking on the streets is another thing which is quite common in India. In countries like Germany, people wait till the sign says it is safe before they cross the roads, even if the roads are empty. Now, where does that leave us in India?
Quite unsafe on the road, of course! Zigzagging on the road is quite common that one takes it for habit. Worried parents have to put up with their kids travelling like this because they themselves are not willing to do what are necessary- follow rules. Also, using the pedestrian crossing would be a nicer, safer idea because less people like it or follow it. Not only is this practice increasing the risk of our own but also other people´s life, it is also setting a bad example towards youngsters who are supposed to rule the roads someday.
There should be stricter rules that should be followed and larger fines that have to be imposed. People should develop the habit of wearing seat belts whenever they´re in a vehicle. Students and children should be taught the importance of sticking to traffic rules as well as using seat belts whenever they´re travelling in vehicles. Not only does this increase safety but it also make them law-abiding citizens who respect one´s country. Parents should decide that they would definitely set the ideal example for their kids. After all, it is they who are always ready to advice. Let´s start from there.

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  1. Andres says:

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Staying belted in your vehicle | Aiswarya T Anish, thanks for the good read!
    — Andres

  2. santhosh George says:

    Obeying rules is must. But the same time citizens should know everything about basic rules. In my opinion it should be started from preschool. Instead of teaching detailed history and mathematics, schools must be used for teaching traffic rules safety etc. Which everyone interacts day to day life. Majority of people don’t know even how to cross a road and in which side of a road should use the pedestrians. Just think both pedestrians and drivers don’t know the rules then the result will be pure casualties !!!

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