Political vacuums, and the vacuum between

The other day I was going through some notes on the decline of the Mughal dynasty when I realized that some of the reasons were repeating themselves. For one, with such rivalry and enmity between political parties, one wonders whether they live for themselves or for the state they are meant to serve. Fifty years ago, political rivalry was about how much more each could do for their nation, today it is about how many people they can recruit, how many seats they win and how much they earn.

Our country now has a political vacuum, which how much ever is poured in, never gets filled. This, I believe, is partly because parties are vacuums apart in this unfathomable vacuum, growing measureless and meaningless by the day.

One of the latest instances was when Oomen Chandy, Kerala’s Chief Minister won a United nations Award on his mass contact programme. His opponents rose in amazement, and a few days later pointed out that he was nominated by his own party, which was a clear breach of rules. Another rose against him, showing the rather huge number of complaints lodged against his programme. Yet another made a fuss of the praise that the Minister got, white some could not hide their anger at the government head getting the prize, rather than the programme heads. All this looked like a very good example of diversity among us and a very poor example of unity. These days, we have very little mutual understanding between our parties. Sometimes, I wonder it would have been much better had they all worked together, were on better grounds rather than trying to crush each other. The sad part is that we have way too many parties than we can keep track of, and way too many policies with equally huge number of flaws.

Instead of using power for the right reasons, it is a fight for power with power. Just because our Constitution allows people to come together and form their own parties with their own principles, sometimes it looks as if the privileges are bestowed on the wrong people. If we cannot learn to use it, it is no different than a reign in the hands of a horse. It simply cannot use it to control itself. When our own principles cannot rule our politics, we are better off without it then. I can’t help but wonder about a walk into the system or monarchy, can you

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  1. Sreekumar R says:

    Aiswarya… your thought are on the right track.. hope other youngsters will also gradually start to realize the pathetic situation of our political parties or rather the political leaders.

    First of all the only reason they find in their existence is power and not service to the citizens. The statements in your article are very true.

    In every competition we witness the loser congratulating the winner and that is the way whether it is in sports and games or even in a reality show. Our politicians don’t have even that much dignity with them.

    Few years back our nation faced an attack from our enemy country. Did you see any of our so called parties sending their volunteers to help our brave soldiers? No.. that’s not in their agenda. They organize brutal killing and feed gundas to eliminate their competitors, challenging the basic right to live that is guaranteed by our constitution. Ruling parties use the Government machinery like CBI and Income Tax Department to silence the criticizers and opponents!!! Those in power are beyond the law and violate any law and the law is only for the layman!!! Still be believe we are the largest democracy in the world!

    In other countries though the citizens may lead an unruly lifestyle, they insist that their leaders or politicians must be very clean by all means and upright to be nominated to a post. There is no discrimination between those in power and the layman in front a law or law enforcing authorities. It is time to think where we erred.. and why the politicians dare to behave like this.

  2. Ranjit says:

    The present times are the times of extreme selfishness, neglect of the nation, gaining more and more power by hook or crook,gaining control of the nation’s resources and using them for personal profit and benefit…most of the candidates seeking elections are after gaining these conveniences…If we can get a stable and good government after the elections, that will be really a gift of God for the nation!….Aiswarya, the whole country is concerned with the issue you have raised in the article…Let us hope for the best..

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