Place of honor

The world as a place of honor

May it stand as a legal entity?

That they shall put in the rights,

For use of business in the city.


The coffee shops line the streets

Clean, unclean, neatly unkempt

The moustache of the cashier,

Reeks with honor as he greets.


Honor, honor, honorable man

Honor kept in a bottle at the bar

Honor in the crepe I have for dinner

Honor in air condition, less in a fan.


In money, in power, in women

Slotted like a gear, posted in jest

Written upon a silent bridge, foresee

Honor sewn into the sleeve of a man


For the half acre of love that cost me,

Mine honor, maybe there could be

More of a meaning, more of thought

More in a pair of glasses that can see

More than a lost bit of honor in me.



One Response to Place of honor

  1. now a days honor is counted in the sum one accumulated.they use tit only to get honoured by the society.
    your poems is a signature that would help as an eye opener

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