How safe are we while eating out?

The last few weeks gave a reason for everyone to be concerned. How safe are the delis and hotels that the Indian has grown to absolutely love?

As the news report spat out the answer, the nausea spread all over the place. However, as nauseated as we all were, one had to swallow the foul truths. More than thirty hotels had to be closed down, and a hundred others were given warnings for selling unhealthy food in an equally unhealthy manner. And we’re not even talking about junk food.

All this inspection started off after a youth died from eating a bad shawarma, which is similar to a döner kebab. The restaurant was closed down and the owner was arrested for selling bad food. Afterwards, all the restaurants in Kerala faced widespread and thorough inspection of their cooking conditions and the food that was served. Needless to say, it was quite a shock when many big names came out on the list of restaurants that were caught red-handed for selling month-old chicken and meat dishes.

The food that the health department had condemned absolutely inedible had, in fact, been in the stores for months. Putrid chicken was used in shawarmas and grilled chicken was actually made out of meat that had been put in turmeric water for weeks to prevent decay. The cooking oil that was found in some kitchens was thick and black from using over and over again and clearly unhealthy. Moreover, the canned food items for sale were well beyond the prescribed expiry date. On top of all these, kitchens that were located near open toilets and drains came as the most disgusting shock of all. If it was possible, one would swear not to eat out again.

There was some amount of relief when news came out that the guilty restaurants were closed down. However, later in the evenings, the sight of the same ones opening up caused a little bit of a stir until it died out. We still see a few open and about, maybe slightly cleaner than before.

The harmful preservatives that are used in the food that we get have already raised our concerns, but when we find that our favorite restaurants can see us dead too makes us stop short and raise more than just an eyebrow. Why do we have to pay for poisoned food?

There should be stricter rules that should be feared if broken. Crime when it concerns food poisoning should be considered as a grave issue especially in a country where people love to have a meal outside. Because, the next time I order a shawarma, I don’t want to see a grave come free with it.

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  1. Ranjit says:

    A healthy mind in a healthy body…and a healthy body requires purity of food..Vegetarian diet is the most suitable for a healthy body and a healthy mind…the earlier we understand the importance of the quality of food, the better it is for our body and mind, both. Let us resolve to try to be non-violent in food, thought and action…The birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, 2nd October is also beckoning us to be vegetarian,keeping in view its many benefits…THANKS Aishwarya for writing on a very relevant social issue..Ranjit

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