Diplomacy befitting enmity

Taking the newspaper and reading it completely shocked me today. My eyes glued themselves to one corner of the paper, wherein lay the source of astonishment.

In a diplomatic, almost balanced tone lay the news of the current India-Pakistan relations. The news report was about a recent Pakistan movie which ran into being one of the biggest hits in the history of Pakistani movies in just a matter of weeks. And now we come to what the film was actually about.

The movie allegedly portrayed the Indian army working along with terrorist groups in Pakistan and supporting them to unleash attacks on the Pakistani citizens. The report also stated that the audience went wild with joy when Pakistani heroes beat up Indian ‘villains’ and used derogatory terms against the country. And all this was due to the explicit depiction of terrorism from the Pakistani side in an Indian movie.

The report is right after the revelation that the history of India and Pakistan taught in both countries are completely different. Considering the fact that both countries are keeping mum about the whole event, even after so many talks on diplomacy and its importance, this is a matter for grave concern.

I remember a very passionate speech Fathima Bhutto gave us during one of her official visits to Kerala. She pointed out to us about how close both countries were, how much trade happened and how many cultural exchanges. But suddenly, although it was the product of a very gradual process, both India and Pakistan were enemies.

But it is not like we are the only countries that have enmity to each other. There have big wars, much bigger levels of hatred. There have been many solutions to them too, and hopefully, there will be. So one could rightly point out that there is no need to get all worked up and make the eyes water at this rather, er, common incident.

However, today, no matter how common hatred or how uncommon love and compassion is, how futile diplomacy and diplomatic relations and conferences are, it hurts. It hurts to see people fighting; it hurts to see people degrading each other for reasons quite unknown even to themselves.

We need diplomacy that can have a positive impact, what we do not need are people sitting around a table and drinking tea out of cups while there is mayhem around. What we need is collective effort, to inculcate the ability to forget and forgive, not to squeeze a country ‘until the pips squeak”. Heavy with sorrow, it is not just a poet’s heart that weeps, but that of a country man who is all but a witness when the world turns from Utopia into a Guernica. From God-made to man-made.

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