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They were going to the box.

The roads were crowded with people going to the box. The government schools had long queues of people going to the box –  jeans n’ t-shirted youths,  not-so glamorous farm hands, old men and women who could barely walk, fat churidar-clad  housewives and the executive madams and sirs – all were there, as well as a few kids sucking on multi-coloured sip-ups.

This made my day as we made our way through the over-crowded roads of my mother-land. The traffic consisted of a handful of cars, an innumerable number of auto-rickshaws and men on motorbikes – some holding red flags, some blue, and another group with something that resembled the tri-colour. The majority of this suburban road was a host of Ape mini-vans with large banners on them.

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