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Place of honor

The world as a place of honor

May it stand as a legal entity?

That they shall put in the rights,

For use of business in the city.


The coffee shops line the streets

Clean, unclean, neatly unkempt

The moustache of the cashier,

Reeks with honor as he greets.

On My Knees Weeping

I felt I saw, I saw you there by the river side

I called, I fell, I made it nowhere where the world could stop to call


Call me when the door was open, call to see the stars come above

Never called they when the fireworks cracked, the sparks flew down the streets

Thrown away, but you were there to get me up.

Get me up.


The seasons changed their colours

With them you changed too

The clouds wove their own covers

And I fell in love with you


Rain on your eyes, rain on your skin

Rain on your smile, rain on your lips

Rain falling, falling when you blink

Rain on your toes, your fingertips

Andante- Con Grazia


Door to door I go

Heart to heart I knock

Until I can hear

Where no one interferes

A faint little whisper

Somewhere without fear

Van Dudler

On hands their praise, of sounds that made
Tantrums thrown upon the keyboard, the maid
Rush to her master, little, a toddler
Twisting the house of Van Dudler on his little finger

Outside the windows, behind curtains
Made of silk; with an innocent pretence
Stood the maid’s son from her dead husband
A darling little creature, they called him Donovan

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