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ExPiBotz- innovative company by youngster

A few years ago, a seventeen-year old teenager who had his mind bent on creating a mark in the technology field took a major decision.  Today, nearly six years later, the twenty two year old has a success story to speak of. The young founder and CEO of ExPiBotz- a new technology company- Nazbeer  Ahammed  has a lot to talk about- his inspirations and his dreams about the future of the company.

He says it all started when he first got to work on a computer when he was just a kindergartener. “I loved the thing. For me, it was more fun than anything put together.” When his father first brought home their first computer twenty-two years ago, no one had thought it would create a world of its own for Nazbeer.

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Stopping to Shop

Hailing a multi-coloured auto-rickshaw, my mother and I stepped into the initial phase of shopping: getting there. The cow standing across the main road, its legs once a dirty white now laden thick dirt and dung planted itself in front of our ‘cab’. This was where we would alight, where the traffic included animals that waited to be chaperoned to their homes, their human counterparts would haul their plastic bags and scuttle towards market places tucked away in alleyways, like the Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter books.

K.V Shamsudheen- changing lives for the better, every day







He speaks like an orator. But he is firstly a businessman, and a successful one who has gone through the years, seen it all, and knows it all too. His words echo the truth in them; their power reflecting on is audience’s faces. The words have more than just passed their eardrums; they have gone straight to one’s concise to think once and to think through. At the end of his talk, everybody would take home a greater lesson. This was Mr. K V Shamsudheen speaking on 279th program. The director of Barjeel Geojit, he was chosen as one of the 100 most influential Indians in GCC countries by Arabian Business.

Later, I was able to interview him on his unique ‘For a better tomorrow’ program which focuses on enlightening migrants and their families of the importance of savings. I’d thought that the research paper on him, done by two students from Georgetown University and the University of Michigan would be more than enough information. In person, I could gain much more valuable things, wisdom pearls included.

Q. It’s been 11 years since you started ‘For a Better Tomorrow’ program. What was the driving force behind this?

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