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How safe are we while eating out?

The last few weeks gave a reason for everyone to be concerned. How safe are the delis and hotels that the Indian has grown to absolutely love?

As the news report spat out the answer, the nausea spread all over the place. However, as nauseated as we all were, one had to swallow the foul truths. More than thirty hotels had to be closed down, and a hundred others were given warnings for selling unhealthy food in an equally unhealthy manner. And we’re not even talking about junk food.

The desert and the traveller

I am a desert. The sands my being. The warm morning that visit my bone cold exteriors are my time of solace. There is the faint trace of a dew drop as it died on the lips of a cactus. Watching them grow has been my passion, my only escape, my only pastime.

I see myself as a house. No home like the oceans that give beauty to the inmates, its kith and kin. The camels that travel leave dents with their foot, but they’re like the people and the hurt they leave behind. The hurt fades with the tides of time, like the dents are covered and lost forever as the wind larges into my territories. But there is a large gaping hole that cannot be covered cannot be measured. The gaping crater that made me a desert.

As my mother goes to work

My mother does not work. When I say that she does not work, I mean that she does not go out to an office, where she stays from morning till evening, and return home tired and annoyed like my neighbour’s mother. But she does work. She does a lot of the housework. Yet, she does not ‘work’ in the eyes of society, because work is where you venture out of home.

However, I do not wish to dwell on the stress that working women have to deal with compared to the ones that do not. But I do wish to wonder (out loud, out in paper) what my reactions would be if my mother suddenly started ‘working’.

Run-away children

When I woke up that morning, I couldn’t breathe. Something seemed to be stuck in my throat; something that seemed to throttle my heart and weight it down that everything inside was crushed. Crushed, so that it may not be revived again.

Yesterday, there had been mayhem. My safe haven ceased to become safe, it stopped becoming my heaven, my pride. As my two angels fought, sending forth fire and ice, ice and fire. From all that ice between them, I was caught in the cold. Between those fires, between those extremities, I burnt. And nobody listens.

World that runs on money

“So….what do you want to do after college?”

“Make lots of money. That’s my only ambition. Make money.”

“But money does not get happiness.”

“No! Money can buy happiness. You can get anything with money!”

Having this conversation with an acquaintance a week ago made me reflect on this topic more than I’d expected. There had been more than one incident which had made me think about how the “mind on money- money on mind” principle spread its tentacles deeps into the minds of youngsters today.

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