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OUR KIDS July 2015


Saintly cargoes in sailing coffins

The creases on the forehead aren’t creases. They’re the defined gifts of knowledge. They’re the lifelines of experience, and one should stand on tiptoes to see them. And when one’s carried by the throng of the crowd nearer and nearer towards the forehead that possesses these lines, one should stoop low, so low that your own forehead touches the feet which carries that other one.

Gods walk free in this country. They walk in shoes of leather, wear branded clothes and walk amongst us. They have slick black beards, oiled and taken care of; they have valets and maids at their beck and call. And wherever they go, they spread sunlight.

The Science of Mischief

There would be few children who haven’t read George Marvellous Medicine. And there would be fewer still who haven’t heard about its author, Roald Dahl. His books have showed both young and old alike the magnificence of imagination.

George’s Marvellous Medicine was a book I read so many years ago. But a few days ago, I came across a child of my mom’s friend, who was frowning over this book. I sat next to him, a kid no more than seven or eight years of age, who clutched the dog-earned book with a casualty that edged on boredom. “What’s that, Kevin?” I asked.

“It’s this book mom chose for me,” he said, “It’s so dumb!” I was quite surprised. When I was his age, my friends and I would be waiting at the doors of the library to grab the book when it was returned by someone else.

Diplomacy befitting enmity

Taking the newspaper and reading it completely shocked me today. My eyes glued themselves to one corner of the paper, wherein lay the source of astonishment.

In a diplomatic, almost balanced tone lay the news of the current India-Pakistan relations. The news report was about a recent Pakistan movie which ran into being one of the biggest hits in the history of Pakistani movies in just a matter of weeks. And now we come to what the film was actually about.

The Man behind the Mist

Usually, we can’t see through the mist. It clouds us, could block our sights, even momentarily impair our senses, and makes one hard to see the things beyond.  The man behind the Mist however, is not as obscure as the mist itself. He is known to every Malayali, give them his silhouette, they shall recognize the great man who made his readers taste unrequited love, raised their heartbeats by singing unsung heroes, made a villain steal hearts…yes, M.T Vasudevan Nair never ceases to excite his readers, and occasionally makes them cry with awe.

When unexpected luck got me there, beside this legend who

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