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Abandonado: I am abandoned

Their eyes have lost their lights. Like Dullness creeping in on a new moon night. Night being devoured by darkness. Cold, cold darkness. Darkness without escape. Escaping into cycles of misery. Inner misery. Misery. Because they haven’t run into the darkness. They were pushed into it.

Asha Bhavan. When our social service trip to the palliative care centre was cancelled, our coordinators decided to take us there. A mental asylum for women, this institution acts as the sole hope of survival for these women.

Needless to say, every minute I stayed there was making me uneasy. The strong smell of disinfectant, the long dormitories with the minimum of facilities…it haunts me weeks after that visit. And this was my second.


It may be the faint reminder of dusk, but the orange shades stay on the horizon like forgotten patches of colour. Like hope when you have no more assurances, like fondness when there is no more love left.

Do you still find yourself falling in love with the river of your childhood?

The shade where we grow beneath

On 14th April, 1775, Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush came to together to establish the first abolition society- against social injustices- in North America. A hundred and sixteen years later, on the same day in 1891, a birth took place that would live to see the death of a great many injustices.

 However, what pains us today is the fact that ‘liberation’ is exploited- liberation, that was the result of great pain and sacrifice. The consequences cannot just be reduced to a nightmare. It is right at our doorstep, overshadowing all communal harmony, turning not just Indian, but world democracy into an overtly unsafe propaganda. Where is peace? Where is respect? Where are the lines that were pronounced with clarity and pride?

Diplomacy befitting enmity

Taking the newspaper and reading it completely shocked me today. My eyes glued themselves to one corner of the paper, wherein lay the source of astonishment.

In a diplomatic, almost balanced tone lay the news of the current India-Pakistan relations. The news report was about a recent Pakistan movie which ran into being one of the biggest hits in the history of Pakistani movies in just a matter of weeks. And now we come to what the film was actually about.

When the river runs shampoo

We set out early that morning on our road trip- faces red with high hopes and images of beautiful, tall mountains. The whole week, all of us were looking forward to seeing Courtallam. Set in deep among the trees, this particular waterfall is said to be one of the most beautiful ones in the country.

That’s right. Said to be.

On the roads leading to these ‘enchanted’ waterfalls, we were met with heavy traffic. After nearly getting run over the cliff by a car, we reached our destination. Without an inch to park our own vehicle, we inched past the huge crowd that was going towards the falls. Amidst the noise and the groups of people, and the strong urge to lose our minds, it was anticipation- sweet, sweet anticipation that made us go forth.

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